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Red onions are ubiquitous on salads, sandwiches and other raw preparations partly because of their appealing deep purple color. Reddin wams, however, “Red onions, specifically, can have a really peppery, spicy flavor to them.” This variety is sweetest from March to September. Red onions pair well with equally strong flavored greens such as kale or arugula. Reddin also recommends red onions for roasting, grilling and pickling.

AYRA EXOTICS Red Onions are from fresh crops of current season, we are exporting this high quality clean Red Onions, available in variable sizes from 40mm to 70mm & more.  We are ranked on top by offering the best quality of Red Onions, which is known for its remarkable finish and quality.

  • Most of the benefits come from antioxidants. Research shows that one particular antioxidant, called quercetin, protects health in several ways.
  • One study shows that quercetin fights inflammation and boosts the immune system.
  • Research mainly conducted in labs has shown that onions may kill a wide range of bacteria.
Season - Major areas of Pakistan

Sindh: October – January

Balochistan: June – September

KPK: February – May

  • Onions of Pakistan Origin
  • Pinkish Red
  • Farm Fresh
  • Sorted
  • Cleaned
  • Graded
  • Shelf Life 03 weeks ambient temperature 02 months in cold rooms.
  • PICKLE ONION : 25mm – 38mm
  • MEDIUM ONION : 45mm – 55mm
  • LARGE ONION: 55mm – 65mm
  • 13 Kgs Mesh Bag
  • 25 Kgs Mesh Bag
  • 27 Kgs Mesh Bag
  • Customer Desired Packaging can also be arranged.